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Constantly updated assortment of shapes tile. Prices reduced up to 60% due to new forms of production in Ovidiopol, Ukraine!

The SPIRIT Company Ukraine

Scientific Production Company "Spirit" was founded in 1994. The main direction of our company - is the production of forms for concrete products and gypsum. Forms to date, we produce a variety of plastics with the addition of various polymers, which help to increase the quality and the luster of our forms. All forms on our productions are made only from the primary import of high quality materials. Produced by us forms to date have no analogues. The production of "Spirit" is constantly being developed and introduced new kinds of different forms for concrete and gypsum products.

Today we produce more than 12000 varieties of forms for paving tiles, facade tiles, engineered stone, small architecture, sadovoparkovoy architectural monuments, fences, evrozaborov, curbs, drainage, balustrades, moldings and many other forms of concrete and plaster.

Our production for the production of molds used granular and sheet plastic, various technologies of fiberglass, PVC plastic, ABS plastic, polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene, polyurethane, silicone and other types of primary quality raw materials.

Our forms are suitable for any existing technology , polymer concrete, artificial marble, polymers, kevlarobeton, marble from concrete, decorative concrete, artificial stone, gypsum. All clients of our company are available DVD discs with the methods of laying paving slabs. DVD discs with learning production pavers, flower beds, tear stone, curbs and small architectural forms, fences. But there are also catalogs with the method of Paving and Landscape Design and DVD-ROM. Our company trains its customers' manufacturing technology of concrete products and gypsum free, and clients receive counseling by phone and e-mail. We also provide drawings for free vibrating table.

SPIRIT company produces equipment for the manufacture of paving, facade tiles, artificial stone, monuments, fences, small architecture. Equipment for the production of cinder blocks.
Vibrating table - zaformovochny vibrator, vibrator rasformovochny. Framework for demoulding paving slabs. Concrete mixers (mixers) mortar. Kiln for ceramics, porcelain and earthenware.

Polyurethane molds for the production of artificial stone

Form of polyurethane

Polyurethane molds for artificial stone, this form of flexible polyurethane for concrete and plaster. Company Spirit produces high quality molds for artificial stone of high quality English polyurethane. Our forms are designed for working with plaster casts of 15,000, while working with concrete castings for 5000 products.

We produce the form of two-component polyurethane no shrinkage and not exfoliate, convey a very precise structure and topography of natural rock. We produce and offer the highest quality form of polyurethane, our forms do not have analogues in quality of product range. Today we offer our clients more than 700 forms of polyurethane for artificial stone facade and interior stone veneer for interiors and facades of buildings.
Also made ​​of polyurethane we produce a huge number of forms for garden landscape architecture, small architecture, stucco, columns, balusters, statues and figurines and many other forms of flexible two-component polyurethane. It is possible to produce forms for your drawings, sketches, as well as ready-made designs, at the same time you do not pay for the development of matrices and other expensive materials, and only pay for the finished form. We have a discount system as well as dealer and distributor prices for polyurethane molds.

See the catalog forms of polyurethane and polyurethane molds prices

Forms for the Tiles of the copolymers from the Manufacturer of plastic molds.

Forms for the tiles from the manufacturerThe SPIRIT company started production of forms for the paving of the copolymers (similar forms of Polish production) in Ukraine. In production form takes into account all the shortcomings and complaints to the Polish form of production, reinforced ribs, strengthened and thickened bottom forms. The forms of the copolymers of our production are perfect gloss, which means that we have produced a form for the tiles are not sticks, they will not need to grease and washing in acid. In connection with the running production forms of the copolymers, the price of forms for paving significantly reduced. Plastic molds for the paving of the copolymers of our production are a good start for nachenayuschih manufacturers, as do not require large initial investments, due to low price with excellent quality. All of our tiles have to form the halves.
See the catalog of plastic molds for tiles and the price of the form

Forms for paving slabs

Polymeric forms for paving

Polymeric forms for pavingare made from high quality fresh raw materials of polypropylene with the addition of polymers.Our polymer forms are sticks, do not require steaming, grease, do not require washing in hydrochloric acid, and polymeric forms of the tile does not need to be putting over and can be folded after pouring and vibration of piles on piles up to 25 pieces. Our polymer molds for tiles has become popular among manufacturers of paving slabs, forms have a perfect mirror gloss, so tile of our forms is easily knocked out and has no marriage splits.Using our forms you will forget what marriage, steaming forms and will only get pleasure from work. You get only quality products, our forms for paving withstand any load and other conditions not provided for in the production of tiles. Having to produce paving slabs with the help of our polymeric forms of tile, you will be able to produce only quality products which has no competition to date.

Dear customers and visitors to our site, we are pleased to inform you that we started production of polymeric forms of liked you for paving in Ukraine, at the same time takes into account all your wishes, in the forms of reinforced ribs, reinforced sides and bottom to form 5, 6 millimeters . Warranty period of our forms from 1500 fills and more. Due to commence production of a powerful plastic forms for paving in Ukraine - the price of reduced forms of 2!
See the catalog of glossy plastic molds for tiles and the price of the form:


In the city: Kharkov, Kiev, Vinnitsa, Lvov, Chernovtsy, Dnepropetrovsk, Lugansk, Donetsk, Mariupol, Khmelnytsky, Ivano-Frankivsk, Transcarpathian, Kirovograd, Krivoy Rog, Cherkasy ...
Crimea - Sevastopol, Simferopol, Kerch, Evpatoria ...
We also need representatives in Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Bulgaria, Romania and other countries.
For questions please contact us by e-mail or call: +38 (098) -463-99-63 or +38 (048) 795-55-25
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